All of the characters in this project belong to their creators. Many are still in development and others are nearing ACT2. Do not steal anything by the creator or background, as you will be punished severely. Many take pride in making their UTAU.

Take your time to get used to these androids, as more information will be available.

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UD-Loids Edit

Watase Maki - Maki is the first of the UDloids and was created by HatsuneMikuVocaloid2 on YouTube. She is the icon for UTAU-Dreams.

Usagine Krisa - Krisa is the second UDloid. She was created by Krisjc0202 on Youtube.

Watase Yomiko - The older sister of Watase Maki, and the third UDloid. She is voiced by mangafreak925 on YouTube.

Hine Hideki - Maki's ex-boyfriend and fourth UD-loid.

Shokora Chuushin - The fifth UDloid who has an aggressive attitude. She was created (and voiced) by TheSaymoi on YouTube.

Sakiji Jouku - The sixth UDloid, also being a very energetic and naive girl.

Torahom Yumi - Her best friends are Chuushin and Yume (Yumi's brother). She is UD-loid seven.

Hoshii Nari - The tsundere of the group, Nari is the eighth and hates otakus. She was created by RasberryxHearted on YouTube.

Ame Runa - The military UDloid who protects others from viruses. She is the ninth UDloid.

Sakurane Yusei - A hyperactive and confident UTAUloid who wants to be with Maki. He is the tenth UDloid.

Loline Tsuchi- A somewhat selfish UDloid that hates VOCALOIDS with a passion. She is UDloid eleven.

Hanabi Kaira - A somewhat moe UDloid that always seems to be nervous or worried. She is UDloid twelve.

Akira Haru - An effeminate UDloid with low self esteem. Haru is UDloid twelve (?).

Osakawa Zando - A cheerful UTAUloid who loves chocolate who also happens to be UDloid thirteen.

Kitsuna Emiri - UDloid number fourteen; a loud UTAUloid with good intentions.

Aoi Hana - A prototype of Maki who was meant to be destroyed, but survived. She later became the fifteenth UDloid.

Michi Akira - UDloid sixteen, who might seem shy at first, but is really cheerful once you get to know her.

Toyo Aya - A calm and creative UDloid who doesn't harbor hatred toward anyone or anything; she is UDloid seventeen.

Watase Shinkiro - A wise woman who eagerly protects her daughters: Yomiko and Maki, and is also UDloid eighteen.

Sumine Aya - UDloid nineteen.

MOKA - A withdrawn UTAUloid and UDloid twenty

Bakane Hayato - A shy, yet loud, UTAUloid that borders on insane at times. He is also UDloid twenty-one.

Koekoe MODE - Fun and lighthearted; MODE loves to laugh and relax. She holds the title of UDloid twenty-two.

Sukune Suika - A close friend of Maki, who is broad-minded and expansive. UDloid twenty-three.

Sakurane Akari - ???

Usagine Lucy- ???

Bakade Su - An overconfident, self-absorbed woman who thinks of herself as above everyone; UDloid BS.

Suuzane Deha - UDloid twenty-six.

Teine YoKu - UDloid twenty-seven

Takashi Shiori - Friendly, but borderline creepy at times. She has a sack with unknown contents, and is the twenty-eighth UDloid

Subarashiine Kurumi - An upbeat and happy UDloid, twenty-ninth in the UDloid series.

Sene Emiri - A kindhearted and helpful UTAUloid. She is UDloid thirty.

Urviva- UDloid thirty-one.

Tsuki - Sweet and caring, she is UDloid thirty-two.

Umine Hayama - A little bit shy, but easy to become friends with. UDloid thirty-three.

Amagaku - A very sadistic person who only cares about her closest friends, she is also UDloid thirty-four.

Akine Karin - A strange, fun-loving, outgoing UTAUloid who loves having friends. She is the thirty-fifth UDloid.

Raikone Taiyo - UDloid thirty-six.

Yukine Kiku - UDloid thirty-seven